A Journey Round my Skull
My illustration series images. Sometimes it is better being inward, while at other times being outward works just as well. Anger, Pleasure, Drunkenness, Perfect Inner Peace, Shame, Courage, Fear, Disgust, Anxiety, Fury, Happiness and all the other emotions. I am all of these or more precisely, I am the distillation of all these emotions. Our personality, a mixture of different compounds dissolved into one another like echo, drips as slowly as maple syrup into an empty bin. 
If the eyes are the mirror of the soul, then the face is the mirror of our emotions. Continuing this analogy, our personality is reflected in a new profile picture.   
This series of images reflects the well-rounded and detectable emotions. This series was inspired by the dream-like graphics of David Lynch. This is also a blueprint for an experimental 2D/3D animation short film.
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