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Tears to Freshwater — Album Cover //  Illustrations // Animation
Designing the album cover and 11 unique illustrations for the songs was a great creative exploration. This is their fifth album and I wanted to continue the "visual madness" and the sci-fi theme which characterized the visual identity in previous albums. We had formed the idea together with the band’s singer, Miklós Sarkadi. Being a sci-fi fan, it was easy to keep my focus and yet, I did a lot of scientific and pop-cultural research.​​​​​​​
1 // Album cover
On the front side, we can see the alien face and his/her hypnotic eyes turning all his tears into freshwater.
I used a lot of texture and paper tearing to get an "archive" image mood, as if someone have found the cover in the far future.
2 // Illustration
The story takes place around 2030 when humans will probably reach planet Mars. I used a symbolic system for creating my storyline including diamond, yellow duck, lightenings, android woman, flying saucer, alien creatures, explorer, a dancing ghost and many more things that are embedded in the whole story. The number of three appears somehow in every scene illustrating the 3 main members of the band.
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3 // Animation​​​​​​​
I created all the loop animation in Cinema 4D. HDRI images and atmospheric lights created the mood. I used Marvellous Designer for the flag and for the blanket which dancing samba like a ghost. For the character keyframe animation I rigged the 3D bodies with Mixamo. I used Adobe After Effects for all the smoke, film burn texture for extra lights (like the lightning which has audio-based rhythmic).
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