Who am I?
I'm István Csekk (a.k.a Csekkï — [Check•ee]) currently living in Budapest, Hungary. Simply put, I am a soul with some sensitivity for visuality. Creating art makes me satisfied, gives emphasis to my life. My main aspiration is to increase the culture of visual design, to reach out to all kinds of people through the language of visual communication and to share my positive vibes.
I love travelling, taking photos and making magic. I feel responsible for making people around me smile.
What do I do?
Most of the time I use 2D animation, graphic design, collage art, photography or photo editing for that effect or simply just make basic 3D compositions to express all the creativity more freely in my work.
I have outstanding knowledge in Adobe Creative Suite software usage like Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, Lightroom and Premiere.
Thank you!